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Call us today to hear about our cases and experiences.  The attorneys at The Wotorson Firm, LLP are experienced trial lawyers, specializing in getting you the best results for your case. Our practice areas include automobile accidents, personal injury, medical malpractice, wrongful death, funeral home negligence, and commercial litigation.  You deserve to have a law firm that will work tirelessly for your rights.  DO NOT fall for fancy advertisements and commercials.  Many law firms are not willing nor do they have the experience to go to trial and they ONLY intend to settle large volumes of cases, including yours, for pennies on the dollar.  As trial lawyers, insurance companies and corporations know that we will aggressively fight for your rights in Court thus tremendously increasing the value of your case.  Whether your dispute is with someone who injured you or a loved one, an insurance company, hospital, or a Fortune 500 company, we have the expertise, experience, knowledge, and ability to get you the results you deserve!  We have successfully taken on and litigated cases against major corporations including global billion-dollar corporations and we can do the same for you!  WE pursue Justice and will fight whomever standing in the way of Justice.

Contact us and speak with a lawyer today, the advice is always FREE so you have nothing to lose.

Everyone has the absolute right to seek Justice and be heard in the Relentless Pursuit Thereof…We want to be Your Voice.  The Wotorson Firm,

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Paige v. Milanko-(Automobile Collision-Injury crash)

Doe v. Miller Co., et al (Automobile/Trucking Collision-Wrongful Death)

Smith v. Tip Top Food, Inc., et al (Automobile Collison-Tractor Trailer/18 Wheeler crash)

Freeman v. Marriot, et al (Premises Liability-Poisonous Insect Bite)

Thomas v. Bascom Group, LLC, et al (Premises Liability-Negligence)

Williams v. Viacom International Inc., et al (Corporate Negligence, Invasion of Privacy)

Johnson v. Haugabrooks Funeral Home, Inc., et al (Funeral Home Negligence)

Rucker v. The Crematorium @ PCS, et al (Negligence/Breach of Contract)

Smith v. Jackson Funeral Home, et al (Negligence/Wrongful Embalming)

Williams v. Clifford J. Harris, Jr., a/k/a T.I., et al-(Libel/Slander)

Brown v. AT&T/Bell South, et al-(Copyright Infringement)

Johnson v. Clarke Atlanta University (CAU)-(Wrongful Expulsion)

Wallace et al v. Draper et al. –(Negligence/Dog Bite)

Johnson v. MTV Networks, Inc., et al- (Negligence/Tortuous Interference with Contract)

Pegues v. Williams, -(Misrepresentation)

NCE Entertainment, LLC v. Slip-N-Slide Records-(Copyright Infringement)

Harrigan et. al. v. Ventex, Inc. et. al-(Corporate Fraud)

Godfrey v. New World Communications (WAGA Fox 5) et. Al.-(Defamation)

Franklin v. Con Edison-(Employment Discrimination)

Kinneary v. City of New York, et al-(Civil Rights Violations)

Smith v. Northside Hospital et al-(Negligence/ Medical Malpractice)